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Moving Message Boards
Item Code : Display#7
Shipping Location : All India

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* No of characters on Display 16/32/48/64
* Pitch -7.5mm/10mm/12.5mm
* Color-Red /Green/White.
* Storage Capacity-16640 Characters.
* Signal Input-PC Interface /LAN Connected /Remote Control.
* Outer Body -Aluminium /MS Powder Coated.
* Message Language-Hindi/English & any Indian Languages.
* Indoor & Semi Outdoor Visible.
* Reliable Led Display.
* High Resolution Readability.
* Single,Double & Multiple Line Display.
* PC Communication Available.
* Environment:Temp.:0-5'C,Humidity:0-95% Non-Condensing.
* Power Input:90Vac,260Vac-50Hz.
Technical Specifications
  Technical Specification for Moving Message Boards

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