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S Type Small
Item Code : 34810
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Technical Specifications
  Technical Specification for S Type Small

Excitation Voltage 10 VDC-Maximum 15 VDC
Normal Output 3.0 mv/v
Non - Linearity <±0.025% FSO
Hysteresis <±0.02% FSO
Non - Repeatability <±0.01% FSO
Creep (30 minutes) <±0.03% FSO
Zero balance ±1.0% FSO
Input Resistance 392±15 Ohms
Output Resistance 350±3 Ohms
Insulation Resistance (50VDC) > 1000 Mega Ohms
Cable Length (4 Core Screened) 500 Cm.
Safe Overload of Related Capacity 150%
Ultimate Overload of Rated Capacity 250%
Allowable Side Load 50%
Temp Compensated Range 0-60ºC
Temprature Effect on Output <0.0015% FSO /ºC
Temprature Effect on Zero <0.0020% FSO /ºC
Deflection <0.4mm at FSO
Tightening Torque 2.2m.kg
Finish & Electronic Nickel Plated tool Steel Alloy
Construction lp67
Environmental Protection Class Tank Hopper & Bag Weighing Force Measurement-Tenson & or compreesion Dynamometer Hanging & Crane Scale Industrial Automation
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